Depression, Popular Disease Or Just Your Imagination?

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Depression is a symptom of a mood disorder. Which affects the patient in terms of thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Depression is a state of continuous depressed mood. feeling of indifference Ignoring things affects your ability to function on a daily basis. which can cause many mental symptoms Living a normal life can be difficult or life may feel worthless.

Depression is not a feeling of physical discomfort or uneasiness that can be easily shaken off. Patients with depression should receive continuous and long-term treatment, which may cause the patient to give up. Treatment, such as taking medication or psychotherapy or both It can help most patients to get better.

Depression is considered a silent danger that is increasingly found in today’s stressful society. And it is as worrying as physical illness. Data from the Ufabet found that out of every 20 people, 1 person will suffer from depression, which is not a small number.

Although some people have correct knowledge and understanding about this disease But there are still many people who understand that Depression can be treated by adjusting your thinking, that’s enough, or seeing that if you get stronger, it will go away on its own. Which sometimes may not always be the right treatment for the patient. 

Depression is considered a “disease” that is caused by abnormalities in the body. When it happens, you can receive treatment. and diagnosed by a doctor To identify the cause and lead to proper treatment. Like other diseases 

What are the risk factors for developing depression?

Depression can occur at any age. But symptoms usually begin in adolescence. and is more often found in females than males But this may be because females are more likely to receive treatment. Factors that cause depression are as follows:

  • Some personality traits, such as pessimism self-criticism Too much reliance on others low self esteem
  • Going through a traumatic event, such as being physically assaulted sexually abused Loss of family members or loved ones have relationship problems or financial problems
  • The family has a history of chronic alcoholism, suicide, depression, and bipolar disorder.
  • gender dysphoria which is not accepted by those around you
  • Have a history of psychiatric illness, such as eating disorders, anxiety disorders, or mental illness after a traumatic event
  • Alcohol or drug addiction
  • Chronic illnesses such as stroke, cancer, heart disease
  • Using medications such as sleeping pills or blood pressure lowering medications should always consult a doctor before changing or stopping medications.

How to stay away from depression?

Always take care of yourself to be healthy. Whether it’s exercise Get enough rest and sleep. Eat healthy food Do not use drugs, drink alcohol, smoke, and undergo a health examination at least once a year.

Mentally, train yourself to be a positive person. Optimistic Don’t think ill of anyone. Don’t blame yourself for everything. You should find a hobby to relieve stress and join various clubs. appropriate for age or be a volunteer Do things that make you feel confident and valuable. Know that you love and care about someone, stay close to that person, and stay away from people you don’t like.

lifestyle of living You should find time to go out and do fun activities. Don’t be stressed or overworked. Do not go into situations or see bad news that makes you depressed. If medicine is used to treat any disease You should not stop taking the medicine yourself. Especially if you are treating a psychiatric disorder, you should take medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Do not miss or stop taking the medicine yourself.