What type of belly we have and ways to reduce belly fat.

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How to reduce the belly as we all know, there are many methods. And one of the ways that will help us reduce it effectively is by knowing what type of belly we have! Because if we know our belly well It will allow us to choose the method to reduce belly fat that is suitable for us. Instead of exercising continuously Let’s choose a method that suits our body type better. Guaranteed to see results faster!

Big belly, protruding belly, all kinds of belly problems. It’s not caused by eating heavy food. There’s only one reason, ladies. But each type of belly comes from different reasons! And most importantly, each type of belly has different ways to reduce it. ยูฟ่าเบท we will take the girls. Let’s explore for ourselves. What kind of belly do we have? And how do you need to get rid of a protruding belly like that? Don’t wait.

People with big bellies, check yourself, what kind of belly is yours?

Stressed belly : It’s a layer of belly that sticks out. The cause comes from the name: stress, sleeping late, and not getting enough rest. It will affect the metabolic system within the body. Therefore causing the belly to grow.

How to reduce belly fat:

  • You should get enough rest. To reduce the rate of stress Because if you are stressed to the point of not being able to sleep The energy metabolism system will not function normally. and may cause an accumulation of sugar and more carbohydrates
  • You should reduce your coffee drinking. Do not drink more than 2 glasses per day. 
  • Do light exercise before bed, such as yoga and Pilates, to relieve stress. and to stimulate the system metabolism of the body.

Pregnancy belly : It is the belly of a mother who just gave birth. Because the uterus has not yet entered, it makes her look like she still has a belly. This causes the belly to protrude and hang out. But this belly will gradually grow. collapsed to normal It must be combined with exercise.

How to reduce belly fat:

  • When your body is in place, gradually exercise with light belly reduction exercises first.
  • Eat foods like cod liver oil to increase fat-burning hormones in the body.
  • Including eating healthy fats such as fat from nuts and olive oil on a daily basis.

Round belly : It is a round belly that sticks out and shows. Caused by drinking alcohol on a regular basis, such as drinking alcohol, beer, or beverages that contain alcohol. Because alcohol is high in calories and sugar. The body then converts waste from alcohol digestion into fat. So a round belly was born.

How to reduce belly fat:

  • Simply put, for people with a belly like this, you should reduce and stop drinking alcohol.
  • Turn to eat more vegetables and fruits. To make the digestive system work better!

Bloated belly : It has a round shape similar to a round belly but is not caused by alcohol. But it is caused by eating food that is difficult to digest. There is a lot of gas in the stomach, which causes bloating. There is a lot of gas in the stomach, which makes the belly bloat. which will subside when the gas in the stomach disappears.

How to reduce belly fat:

  • Drink lots of water and eat more fiber-rich foods. To help the digestive and excretory systems work better.
  • Increase the intake of foods such as vegetables and fruits that are good for the digestive system.
  • After eating It is recommended that you take a walk for a while to digest your food. Because it will help the stomach digest food better.

Little dog belly : This is a belly that even thin people can develop if they don’t have good eating management. The appearance of the belly will be bloating only in the lower part. It is cause by eating foods that are high in starch and sugar, such as bread, bakery goods, rice, and not exercising or moving the body, thus causing a small dog belly.

How to reduce belly fat:

  • You should reduce your intake of carbohydrates. Including eating foods that are low fat.
  • Eat more eggs, avocados, foods rich in healthy fats, nuts, fish, and vegetables.
  • You should exercise more. But if you don’t want to go to the gym You should move your body or walk more.
  • Most importantly, reducing your alcohol intake is good.